Independence Square, Bridgetown, Barbados

Independence Square is a £3 million waterfront park, which has been designed as a new national civic space celebrating the independence of Barbados. The park is located on the Careenage Waterfront, at the heart of the islandís capital, Bridgetown. Construction Commenced in 2005 and the park is now the centrepiece of the islandís environmental improvement programme.

The park incorporates two large fountains, an amphitheatre, glazed walls, sculptural seats, paving mosaics and a toilet block. It has a modern, contemporary character with the islands colonial influences echoed in the design of the parks structures, fountains and colonnades.
Masterplan   Viewing platform & the walkway   Independence fountain square   Computer visualisation  
Gazebo & light poles   Walkway & urban gathering space   Independence fountain   The composite
The composite