Tourism Development strategy, St. Lawrence Gap, Barbados

Following on from a successful Tourism Development Study, the Barbados Government agreed to a rolling programme of landscape and environmental work with a capital value in excess of 15 million. Among many sites, St.Lawerence Gap project has been a great success, significantly improving the streetscape and enhancing the inherent vibrancy of the area. Problems, which were resolved, included; removal of the traffic/pedestrian conflict, the relocation of above ground services and the control of storm drainage.

Martin Band created a lively and attractive new character for the area, utilising local artists and contractors to fabricate some of the interesting streetscape and paving elements.
Finish boardwalk littlebay   Littlebay deck   Ice-cream kiosk   Composite  
Fothpath & 'The Gap' logo   Paving Layout of ceramic details   Beach life guard   Artist impression & motifs
Artist impression & motifs